About Us

The Montana Budget and Policy Center (MBPC) is a nonprofit organization created in 2008 to provide in-depth research and analysis on budget, tax, and economic issues.

Our core focus is publishing credible, timely, and easy-to-understand reports on the fiscal policies that most impact low and moderate income Montanans. Our research and analysis then informs public policy, the media and the broader public.

Why tax and budget policy? We envision an economically vibrant future in which all Montanans have a fair opportunity to work, learn and improve their lives. That’s why we seek to engage, include and elevate the voices of those sometimes left out of conversations about economic policies, including women, American Indians, low-income veterans and others.

Our goals include:

  • Smart budgets that prioritize investments in public education, health care and other public services that create opportunity for all;
  • Fair taxes that produce sufficient revenue to pay for needed public investments, such as protecting clean water and educating our kids; and
  • Economic policies that ensure all families, not just a wealthy few, enjoy the benefits of a growing economy.

Montana’s Tribes as a Special Focus

MBPC provides research, analysis and outreach designed to promote sound fiscal and budget policy that can help reverse the history of economic injustice that has led many American Indians to unacceptable levels of poverty, unemployment and poor health. Our work aims to educate lawmakers on how tax and budget choices impact Indian Country, and to increase participation among American Indians in advocacy for sufficient investment in the state budget.

Partnership for Montana’s Future

MBPC collaborates closely with allied organizations to identify research priorities, educate policymakers and connect with the broader public. We coordinate the Partnership for Montana’s Future, a coalition of more than 50 organizations that share a common belief that Montana’s future depends on wise investments in education, infrastructure and safe and healthy communities.

MBPC Mission

To advance responsible tax, budget, and economic policies through credible research and analysis in order to promote opportunity and fairness for all Montanans.

MBPC Staff

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MBPC Board

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Support for MBPC

The work of MBPC is made possible in part through the generous support of the High Stakes Foundation, the Montana Health Care Foundation, the Women’s Foundation of Montana, the Stoneman Family Foundation, and the W. K. Kellogg Foundation.

We also rely on the donations of supporters like you. Please consider making a donation now by clicking here.


MBPC is part of the State Priorities Partnership and the Economic Analysis and Research Network.