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We envision an economically vibrant future in which all Montanans have a fair opportunity to work, learn, and improve their lives. Read more about economic policies that support the wide range of modern families and ensure that everyone, not just a wealthy few, enjoy the benefits of a growing economy.

The Montana We Could Be: Tax cuts, aimed at the rich, take a toll

July 19, 2016 Montana today could be a more prosperous state. Through investments by our state, we could have more modern schools, better roads, updated water and sewer systems, and a greater access to a college education. Our state does not have these things – not because of a natural disaster or a financial crisis brought on by things out of the state’s control.

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September 12, 2017
The Montana Budget and Policy Center staff spent their weekend pouring over the 10 percent reduction plans submitted by each state agency to the governor’s office. These plans, totaling over 220 pages, provide a glimpse at how painful these cuts could be for services for Montana families and support for schools, local law enforcement, and counties.