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Health Care

Construction LaborerMontana has the opportunity to accept federal funds so that 70,000 people can receive health insurance. By expanding Medicaid, Montana can bring jobs to our state and support workers, improving our economy overall. Learn more about why Medicaid Expansion is a good deal, not only for low and middle income Montanans who need health care, but for our state as a whole.

State-Tribal Policy

We have a unique obligation in Montana to our tribal communities. Often, American Indians in our state face significant challenges including poverty, unemployment, and lack of access to education, health care, and other necessities. By focusing on these issues, we hope to reduce the inequality seen in these communities.



Investing state and local resources in our schools produces short term and long term dividends for Montana’s economy as a whole. Quality education increases opportunity for people of all income levels to achieve their goals in life. Increasing graduation rates – both high school and higher education – is critical to growing our economy through an educated and prepared workforce.

The Montana Budget

rotundaThrough the Montana budget, we the people of Montana identify, prioritize, and fund the public structures and services we all rely on for our safety, prosperity, and stability. The budget is essential in our collective efforts to define our goals and plan for our future. At the Montana Budget and Policy Center, we believe that a good budget is fiscally responsible and promotes future economic prosperity through investments that create opportunities for all Montanans, including our most vulnerable neighbors.

The Montana Economy

cowboyA growing economy is an essential part of a strong future. Montana needs good jobs, a strong workforce, and a robust economy to support our families. Read more to learn about Montana’s current economic condition, as well as policies that can help improve and grow our economy.

Fair and Adequate Taxes

schoolgirlOur taxes are the way we combine resources, through government, to get things done that we can’t do as individuals: educate our children, build and maintain transportation infrastructure, provide police and fire protection, keep our air and water clean, promote public health, and maintain a social safety net. The Montana Budget and Policy Center believes that good tax policy is both fair to taxpayers and also adequate to provide the government programs, services, and infrastructure essential to maintaining healthy communities and families.

Policy Basics

MT road signPolicy Basics is a series of background reports on issues related to the Montana budget and Montana taxes. The purpose of the Policy Basics series is to provide the public, community advocates, and policy makers the tools they need to effectively engage in important fiscal policy debates that help shape the health and safety of our communities.