Montana FAMLI Act Policy Design

At some point, nearly every worker faces a moment when they need leave, whether it’s to bond with a new baby, care for an aging parent, or recover from a serious illness or injury.

Unfortunately, because many working Montanans do not have access to paid leave benefits, they are forced to make impossible choices between their paycheck and the health of themselves and their families.

The Montana Family And Medical Leave Insurance Act (the FAMLI Act) would pool small amounts from employees and employers to create a dedicated funding stream for workers when they need time off to care for themselves or a loved one. From these small contributions representing less than half of one percent of wages, eligible workers would receive a portion of their wages while on leave.

There are many questions people have such as:

Who would be covered?
How long could people take leave?
How will it be funded?

Please read our latest report – Paid Family and Medical Leave Insurance Policy Design. It answers these questions and many more.