Video: Montana Can’t Wait for Medicaid Expansion

Be sure to watch this new video from the Partnership for Montana’s Future, explaining how Medicaid Expansion would benefit Montana.


State Funding for Pre-K

“State Funding for Pre-K,” KULR8, December 13, 2013.

“Children are one of Montana’s best investments, and universal pre-school would be an excellent way to not only improve the lives of children in our state, but to secure a strong future for our state,” said Montana Budget and Policy Center Analyst, Jackie Semmens.

Report Shows State-Funded Preschool Helps Economy

“Report Shows State-Funded Preschool Helps Economy,” ABC FOX Montana, December 11, 2013.

A new report shows if all children went to preschool, children would not only get a head start on their education, but it would save the state money.

The study, released on Wednesday by the Montana Budget and Policy Center, a non-profit research institute, shows Montana is one of only ten states with no state-funded preschool system.

With all of the activities offered at Discovery Preschool in Missoula, preschoolers have something to look forward every day.

Press Release: Pre-Kindergarten for all Montana Kids would Benefit State while Cutting Costs

December 11, 2013

Pre-kindergarten for every child in Montana would make a difference for thousands of children while saving the state money, according to a new report by the Montana Budget and Policy Center, a non-partisan policy research institute, released today.

Montana is one of only ten states that does not offer any form of state-funded pre-k. Currently, one in five Montana children live in poverty and three-fifths of Montana preschool aged children do not attend pre-k. Universal pre-k is a proven and cost-effective way to make sure children don’t fall behind their peers and require more expensive assistance later in life.

Jackie Semmens, a policy analyst at Montana Budget and Policy Center, said “Montana’s children are a smart investment. State funded pre-k would not only improve the lives of children, but help to build a thriving state. Pre-k could save Montana millions. Montana should forge ahead with this critical investment in our children.”

Read the full press release here.